We are a dental office who can provide Cosmetic Crowns and Veneers

What are crowns?

Sometimes called a “cap,” crowns are a strong outer covering for a tooth to replace missing or broken tooth structure. Our crowns are made of a very strong ceramic material that helps to strengthen a tooth and prolong the life of a broken or decayed tooth. Crowns are cemented over an existing tooth to hold itself in place and is not removable. Crowns can completely change the shape and shade of a tooth or your smile!

What are veneers?

Very similar to a crown, a veneer can change the shape and shade of a tooth. Veneers are primarily used for cosmetic changes to a person’s smile. Veneers are not a great option for everyone, especially patients who clench or grind their teeth. Veneers also require healthy teeth without cavities or previous large fillings.

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