We are a dental office who can provide crowns and bridges.
What is a crown?

Sometimes called a “cap,” crowns are a strong outer covering for a tooth to replace missing or broken tooth structure. Our crowns are made of a very strong ceramic material that helps to strengthen a tooth and prolong the life of a broken or decayed tooth. Crowns are cemented over an existing tooth to hold itself in place and is not removable.

What is a bridge?

A Bridge is much like a crown but is used to replace missing teeth. Bridges are cemented onto teeth on each side of a missing tooth and give the appearance that the tooth is not missing.

Is the procedure hard?

Prepping a tooth or teeth for crowns is very similar in length and difficulty to a filling but does require anesthetic. Prepping the tooth requires smoothing of the outer 1mm of the tooth and then either an impression or scan of the tooth to custom make the crown(s) or bridge.

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